Check out the new video for V V Brown’s song

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Check out the new video for V V Brown’s song.



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I know I haven’t blogged in awhile, but I’m very, very excited about the band, The Kooks. I’ve loved them since sometime before or around 2008 and I’m FINALLY going to get to see them on November 19th!

BUT, right now, I’m trying to win a contest based around the band, so I need everyone to click THIS LINK —> so it can be registered and I can have a chance to win a goodie bag with Kooks swag! DO IT!!


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For a school project, we had to make podcasts.. Matt Leonard, the man behind the Pink Floyd podcasts ( is my teacher, and since he does his specifically on one band, I figured, so can I. So I present to you, my first ever Muse podcast! It’s not complete because we only needed a demo version, but I would like to finish it sometime soon, and repost it as the finished project! Click the link and tell me what you think!

Lost in the Groove – Show 1 – First Two Songs.


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I decided to start vlogging.. Here’s my first one.


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Here’s today’s “Associations”

Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor – You Don’t Know Me

Amanda Palmer –The Point of it All

The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness

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Since I never posted it..

Radio 92.9 Earthfest Review

Earthfest 2011

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The weather decided to hold out for Radio 92.9’s 18th annual Earthfest, last Saturday, May 21.

Check out my pictures!

That’s only a few, to see the rest, go HERE!

To see my videos of the event, go HERE!